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"Boyar" steak

I really like mushrooms because they give a special flavor to dishes.

  • 4 mushrooms
  • 2 sausages
  • 2 upper legs of chicken
  • salt
  • oil for greasing

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 90 minutes


Put the chicken legs (previously washed) in a yena bowl, then the sausages over which sprinkle the mushrooms cut in four. Sprinkle salt and spices over meat and mushrooms, sprinkle with oil and put the lid of the dish and then put in the oven. We do not put water because both the mushrooms and the meat will leave a lot of juice. Leave for about 50-60 minutes, depending on the oven.

Serve with homemade pickles.

Good appetite !

University career vs. Lessons with Eliza

Adriana could not give up her university career even when she became a mother at the age of 66. He had one first nanny , then he went fetish the cresa in order to be able to hold classes at Hyperion University in Bucharest. It was only after Eliza graduated from first grade that she decided to postpone college. But all this time, he did not give up books, on the contrary, he dedicated himself to preparing lessons for school. However, he reserved his position for the final year course, "Modern Romanian Literature", in the hope of a return.

"I can't practice for a reason that seems childish, but it's not!" Too much distance between home and college would eat up a lot of my time and energy. If I could teach a lesson here or vice versa, it wouldn't be a problem. It seems childish, it seems funny, but even for one course a week you have to prepare thoroughly to talk to the core. You have to show the books, you have to write the names of foreign, Romanian writers on the board. And at the level at which I understand to teach, I can't prepare for the time being as long as Eliza needs me in the room when she does her lessons ", explains Adriana.

Then she details why her presence is so necessary. & quot. It's kind of attachment , maybe small baby. She wants to work alone, but to be in the room. It's called pregnancy, in the biological world - the duckling says the mother to the first being she sees, it doesn't matter if it's a hen, for example. Sometimes he has a slight obstacle when he takes tests in class alone, because I'm not there. "She does very well if I'm in one corner of the room, not elsewhere," she says, smiling.

Eliza is still young, but this period will pass and Adriana is already making plans for when she will have to do it preparations in Romanian. & quot! Grammar has already begun! "The problems start from the fifth, but if I have the necessary energy, I will be able to return to the department", she adds, acknowledging the fact that she misses teaching. "It's like having a craving for a cake, but you know you're having a diabetes attack right away." , she makes a suggestive comparison. The road to college is difficult even with a taxi because Adriana is sick of her car. "And the girl has the same problem, that's why we prefer to take the tram, the train."

Strong, Adriana found a cure to fill this gap, as she did after the divorce. She no longer sits at the department in front of dozens of curious students, but now she is a student in a third grade bench. & quot: For me, all these things are very new: Gazeta Matematica Junior - the absolute surprise! The manual with the same portfolio! I'm not out of school, I'm not broken by the teaching-learning process, I'm just in another area. So my hunger for school, the situation of the man who is constantly learning, the emotion of the parent who has to go through some stages of learning is satisfied. I'm not left with a goal. I live with the greatest emotion that now comes the Mathematical Kangaroo and then a logic and insightful contest. "The Dwarves are waiting for us in the second semester!" She says in a hurry. Then he remembers how he taught Eliza to count, at the age of three. "He told them all, but he skipped three." One two. he paused and then continued, four, five, "Adriana says fondly.

Eliza Iliescu's diplomas and medals obtained in competitions

& quotIt is a proverb from the eastern peoples, but it is correct as I say: when God closes a door, he opens a window. It is incorrect to say that he is opening another door, but it is something else! & Quot, she declared openly.

Adriana constantly praises her daughter, but at the same time she also recognizes the unsatisfactory results. "We have to say skidding!" At Piticotul de matematica he had a passing score, but not very good. As a teacher, I consider a very good grade one that is over 8. In Romanian it took over 8, towards 9, but not in mathematics. I told him not to be discouraged - Mom, you got a good score, passability, but you have to be more careful!& quot; says Adriana.

When she finishes her homework, Eliza immediately asks her mother for her opinion. & quot; He asked me if he did well. I told him: Mom, you did well, but you wrote very badly, you write to them once more. And I took his sheet, tore it, then drew a line on the edge & quot , she says. This attachment that prevents little Eliza from concentrating in her mother's absence is reciprocal. Adriana admits that she can't live without her child for too long. Her eyes immediately fill with joy when she remembers the surprise her little girl made. & quot; This morning, what a surprise I had when I saw on the fridge, caught with a magnet, a note that read: Mom loves you, I'm in class! That impressed me! & Quot.

Esterházy steak

Burgenland's gastronomy is marked by influences from different cultures!

Examples include Hungarian and Croatian cuisine, as the Esterházy steak has its origins in the Esterházy family of Hungarian magnates.

Beat the meat, grow on the edges, season with salt and pepper. Fry slightly on both sides. Remove from pan.

Fry the chopped onion and the thinly sliced ​​roots in the same pan, season with paprika, sprinkle with flour and add a little water. Put the meat, simmer, season with lemon juice and add cream. Allow the meat to simmer.

Luxury restaurant recipes - Your portal for cool recipes - recipes Luxury restaurants, tips Luxury restaurants, culinary recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice, salads, desserts, drinks and canned Romanian and international recipes. Online cookbook, culinary discussion forum, weight loss tips and diets, restaurants in Romania. Romanian culinary community. Recipes with pictures, culinary contests Luxury restaurants. 20K likes.where cooking is an art Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both nationally and internationally

Duck meat dishes: delicious recipes Duck meat has a special aroma if it is prepared according to rules known only to those who are passionate about the culinary art. The time it should stay in the oven or the duration of cooking, the spices and sauces that enhance its flavor and keep the meat tender are secrets you learn from. Recipe: 5 Easy Recipes Luxury Restaurants 5 Easy recipes In the kitchen of the kitchen 26 July 2016 Print Easy recipes: Recipe of the day: Sandwich with prosciutto and mozzarella Sandwich with prosciutto and mozzarella from: pineapple, salt, bread, butter, mozzarella, prosciutto, basil, tomato sauce Recipe : Seven Easy Recipes Luxury Restaurants Seven Easy Recipes In the Kitchen 26 July 2016 Print Easy Recipes: Recipe of the day: Veal escalope with mushroom sauce Veal escalope with mushroom sauce from: olive oil, butter, veal, flour, salt, pepper, bacon, mushrooms, sour cream, white wine, garlic, green onions, thyme. Recipe: 25 Recipes | Lux Restaurant. 25 Recipes In the kitchen of the cook 29 July 2016 Print Recipes: Recipe of the day: Tuna in sesame seed crust Tuna in sesame seed crust from: tuna, white sesame seeds, black sesame seeds, salt, pepper, olive oil olives. Ingredients: 1 piece 1/4 tuna 1/4 cup white sesame seeds. Preparation Learn to cook a delicious Valdostana chicken, like at the big luxury restaurants. Fast, tasty, good-looking, to the liking of any whim! 1. Divide the chicken breast into halves. Season well with salt and pepper

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  • you spinach sesame with tofu and
  • When we were students, we all studied ethics. Then many of us did not even assume that the knowledge provided by this simple and frivolous object (at first sight) can be useful in adult life. Even large family meals don't take place without a certain etiquette, not to mention festive dinners with little-known people or just friends.

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Recipe: 20 Recipes | Lux Restaurant. 20 Recipes In the kitchen of the cook 29 July 2016 Print Recipes: Recipe of the day: Quinoa pumpkin meatballs Quinoa pumpkin meatballs from: pumpkin, salt, quinoa, parmesan, egg, dried thyme, garlic powder, pepper, olive oil . Ingredients: 3 zucchini, grated 1 teaspoon salt ½ cup .. 10 recipes with. strawberries How to make chocolate chips at home 15 recipes with tuna Menu planner Petitchef offers you the possibility to plan the menu on days, per week, in advance for the holidays

Recipe: 25 Easy Recipes Luxury Restaurants 25 Easy Recipes In the Kitchen 29 July 2016 Print Easy Recipes: Recipe of the day: Turkey burgers Turkey burgers from: minced turkey, coriander, garlic, red onion, egg, breadcrumbs, cumin, chili, coriander , garlic powder, salt, pepper, cheese, buns, chips. Recipe: Ten Collectible Recipes Luxury Restaurants Ten Collectible Recipes In the kitchen of the chef 9 September 2016 Print Collectible Recipes: Recipe of the day: Cake with cola Cake with cola from: flour, sugar, baking soda, butter, coca cola, cocoa powder, whipped milk, eggs, vanilla essence, meringue

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  1. Recipe: Ten Recipes with Cabbage | Lux Restaurant. Ten Recipes with Cabbage In the kitchen of the cook 4 August 2016 Print Recipes with cabbage: Tasty sour cabbage soup Tasty sour cabbage soup from: sour cabbage, onion, parsley, parsnip, carrot, celery, broth, potatoes, oil, sour cream, pepper . Ingredients: 1/4 head of sauerkraut.
  2. Recipes, weights and hygiene conditions for kitchens in public catering. Monday, July 11, 2016. Recipes used for dishes in restaurants, or other catering establishments. Quantities are for 10 or 100 servings. Note that in most cases, quantities are used per 100 servings.
  3. See more of the Lux Restaurant Page on Facebook. Enter. Forgot your account? egg. Create new account. Not now. Related pages. Personal site. CookAndPlay. Recipe: 10 Light and Tasty Recipes Lux Restaurant. Light and Tasty Recipes. Light and Tasty Recipes. Português (Brazil
  4. 2 September 2016 Print Cremsnit from: flour, sugar, lard, egg, ammonia, milk. Ingredients: 300 g flour 80 g sugar 50 g lard an egg ammonia milk Preparation: Knead in the evening, 300 g flour, 80 g sugar, 50 g lard, u ..
  5. Recipe: 25 Culinary Recipes Luxury Restaurants 25 Culinary Recipes In the kitchen of the chef 31 July 2016 Print Culinary Recipes: Recipe of the day: Coffee-flavored cakes Coffee-flavored cakes from: flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, coffee beans, butter , sugar, vanilla essence, egg, brown sugar, chips.
  6. holiday recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago pork recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago recipes-pastafainoase. Quick and easy recipes # 103 3 years ago dessert recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 103 Luxury Restaurants. Loading. Lux Restaurant
  7. Lux Restaurant. Recipe of the day: Lamb chops in butter sauce 3 days ago holiday recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago pork recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago recipes-soups-borscht-soups. Quick and easy recipes # 109 3 years ago recipes-pastafainoase

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  1. holiday recipes Friday, January 27, 2012. How to prepare Bhindi Masala Luxury Restaurants. Recipe of the day: Sweet potatoes stuffed with dried fruit 5 hours ago Salad recipes. Light, tasty and delicious recipes 2 years ago pork recipes. Easy and quick recipes # 11
  2. Lux Restaurant. Recipe of the day: Hot sandwich with bacon and tomatoes 23 hours ago holiday recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago pork recipes. Quick and easy recipes # 112 3 years ago recipes-soups-borscht-soups. Quick and easy recipes # 109 3 years ago recipes-pastafainoase
  3. See more Restaurante de lux content on Facebook. Login. egg. Create an account. Recipe: 10 Light and Tasty Recipes Lux Restaurant. Light and Tasty Recipes. Light and Tasty Recipes. Français (France) English (US) Español 中文 (简体

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Christmas recipes. Because there is little time until the beginning of the new year, we propose a series of Christmas Recipes that you can try to add flavor to the winter holidays, do not hesitate to try these wonderful Christmas Recipes. Pork muscle in bread crust A muscle recipe Read more »Amandin Welcome to the website !. is the place where you can find information about restaurants in Cluj where you can find traditional Romanian, Chinese or Lebanese dishes, pitzza on the hearth or pitzza delivered at home, but also cafes and bars where you can go out to relax. Also on you can find rooms. Because there is little left until the beginning of the new year, we offer you a series of Christmas Cake Recipes that you can try to add flavor to the winter holidays. Do not hesitate to try these wonderful Christmas Cake Recipes. Ripe apples stuffed with cheese. Heat the oven to 180 ° C Theme description - Luxury restaurants - Culinary, presented by aims to offer the most important and newest news in the Romanian and international business news about companies, personalities or mediated institutions in the business sector Melanoma in stage 0 is also called melanoma in situ. Gesicht und an den Akren können die Si-. Melanoma in situ Das Wachstum fast aller Melanome beginnt an der der-. If you have been diagnosed with early melanoma, only on the surface of the skin (called in situ or stage 0 melanoma) you will be scheduled for a. Malignant melanoma, melanoma.

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That's why I don't throw away my money. I don't stay at five-star hotels and I don't eat at restaurants. In our country, the inspectors would close those places, which grill in the toilet door. I have a car worth 14,000 euros, not 50,000, because that's where I go with it, to the market! Buy airline tickets in advance with 60 percent discount Food recipes Recipe of the day: Meat sausage meatballs with cheddar cheese 14 December 2013 Meat meatballs .. Preparation. Fondant potatoes are part of the menu of large luxury restaurants, but they are very easy to make. And very good. On the outside they are well browned and crunchy, and on the inside they are soft and fragile. I can't even go with one now. Panic Attack 16 posts June 3 More forum results. Claustrophobia: definition, causes and treatment - ..

Food recipes in pictures, various food recipes, steaks, stews, meat food, vegetable food, Romanian food recipes, Italian food recipes, Serbian food recipes, Hungarian food recipes And in the case of this recipe for breaded fish (fried fish in breadcrumbs), the principles already set out in the various recipes for snacks (be they veal, pork or chicken) apply.. After all, we are talking about a schnitzel over bread. Snitel means slice (Schnitzel) - see here the original recipe of Viennese snitel Recipe of the day - culinary recipes, traditional recipes, recipes for children, weight loss recipes For all those who make food an art. For gourmets recipe of the day, histories of different dishes, ingredients and spices. For connoisseurs of luxury restaurants. Culinary recipes Tags: meatballs, sheep meatballs, recipes, delicious recipes, simple recipes, light recipes. Monday, September 12, 2011. Lamb chops with mashed potatoes and green curry sauce. Lux Restaurant. Recipe of the day: Blueberry and cinnamon muffins Read the latest news from the category Online restaurants - Culinary. Latest news on the category Restaurants online - Culinary offered by

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Quantities of 10 and 100 servings, for restaurants, canteens, or other catering unit. Learn more »Posted by admin on 5/17/2011 4:37:00 a.m. 0 comments 6 recipes with meat of lamb for Easter Share recipes with meat of lamb for Easter: Steak of lamb with green rosemary Steak of lamb with green rosemary from: pulp of lamb, oil of olives, green rosemary, garlic, wine, honey, salt, pepper, juice of lemon, powder of ginger, wine, pepper, garlic, sauce of soy, sar

Tasty and fast food recipes # 26 Tasty and fast food recipes. Ginger apricot sauce. 9 September 2011. Lux Restaurant. Recipe of the day: Chocolate and meringue cake 15 hours ago Salad recipes. Light, tasty and delicious recipes 2 years ago holiday recipes Entering the city, you will be greeted by food markets, real food centers, full of stalls full of authentic delicacies from all over Asia, restaurants and boutiques that serve local food in a modern style as well as luxury restaurants ready to offer you world-class culinary experiences holiday trays recipes: the results of the search for recipes holiday trays. recipes for holiday dishes. The originality of this dish is still unknown, but there is some evidence that in the 19th century, in the United States, T-bone steak was very popular and was considered a spicy food - Your portal for cool recipes - recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice

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  • Tonka beans - what they are and how to use them. restaurants prague A mix of cinnamon, vanilla, almonds and cloves describes the special aroma of tonka beans, one of the spices that is gaining popularity, being increasingly used in the preparations of large restaurants
  • Restaurants Bucharest 2020. Useful information about restaurants, locations wedding events and baptisms, confectioneries and pizzerias, cafes, home deliveries or wedding restaurants Bucharest, offers March 8 and New Year 2019-2020
  • Divine Lux Room. The capacity of the hall is 340 people (34 tables x 10 pax), with an area of ​​768 square meters. It can accommodate 450 guests for cocktail / stand-up events
  • Recipes, weights and hygiene conditions for kitchens in public catering. Thursday, June 30, 2011 a rather expensive recipe, or rather luxury. Recipes used for dishes in restaurants, or other public catering establishments. Quantities are for 10 or 100 servings
  • The luxury resort of Soneva Fushi, in the Maldives, announced that it has opened today eight of the largest villas in the world built on water, writes CNN. Called Water Rooms, the villas have considerable interior space. Only one-bedroom villas measure 584 square meters, while.
  • restaurants prague thailand is one of the right destinations for an autumn vacation. Spectacular landscapes and local culture are two of the main attractions of this exotic destination. Discover some of the most beautiful places to visit in Thailand
  • Latino Restaurant in Suceava, Suceava. Address: 9 Curtea Domneasca Street. Phone: 0230 523.627. Restaurant Latino is a luxury restaurant with Italian specialties and.
  • the original. Luxury clothes offer you the possibility to choose between being informed about what is happening in Romanian fashion and fashion trends in Romania, company clothes, articles and clothes
  • About us The Feast of Taste is concerned with educating the taste of consumers, children and parents, high school and young generations of chefs through information and pedagogical transparency on products, their origins and production and traceability, knowledge transmission and encouraging a balanced eating behavior , healthy, durable
  • Cream of ghebe, ghebe, potatoes, onions, mushrooms, olive oil, walnut kernels. Home delivery Bucharest, cooked food, recipes, Cream of ghebe - Home delivery Bucharest / Catering Mari Cuisine Bucharest
  • Recipe of the week, Women's Magazine, Andra Exclusive Confectionery, Delicious recipes, BELIEVE AND HOPE, Romania, my beautiful country, Reverie, Lady Muffin, Strong Images, On the wings of love and longing for life, Beautiful Images, Images, My passion for cooking , Baking Wiz, Savuros.TV, Alfredo Seafood, Cakes, Everything, DeLatte, Lidl.
  • united, in splendid editions (which you can only call luxurious), which totally transpose us, through their illustrated pages, into an atmosphere of modern fairy tale

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  1. Welcome to our blog! At least once a week I cook something that started its life at sea. Yes, I like to cook mussels more and more often. It is probably because they are a healthy food, often preferred by my clients. It doesn't matter if they are served with a green salad or a garnish of rice or potatoes
  2. Delivery in 24 hours Excellent for fry recipes with shrimp and chicken
  3. Food & Restaurants in Pelion from for Adults & Children. Check availability. Traditional recipes. Make a reservation. Reservation Request. Reviews »Pelion Cruises» Pelion Mountain Trips »4x4 Jeep Tour» Pelion Agrotourism »Horseback Riding» Traditional Recipes »Other SHARE.
  4. Article summaryWhat pasta is healthyCooks for cooking pastaChicken pasta pasta saucePesto pasta sauceGarlic pastaCream pasta sauceShrimp pasta Pasta is always an inspired solution when it comes to a quick, tasty and filling meal. It seems tempting to resort at such times to ready-made sauces that [
  5. For 4 people: 1kg. lean beef cut into large pieces, 150 g thin slices of bacon, 250 g mushrooms, 10 small white onions, 1 shallot herbs, 2 sprigs of parsley, 30 g butter, 1 tablespoon flour, salt and pepper

Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei - Luxury canteen for corporate members in Victoriei Square. Around 2000 and something, the Downtown restaurant, or Casa di David Downtown, as it was known, opened with great fanfare, in a large aristocratic house on Lascar Catargiu, right where it ends in Victoriei Square In the courtyard of the castle from Gilau (Cluj county) , between September 14-16, 2007, the first edition of the International Outdoor Cooking Contest in Romania will take place, with a Grand Prize of 1,000 euros

Nov 21, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by George Popa. Discover (and save!) Your own Pins on Pinteres Good news! Consuming 1,500 calories a day is as easy and tasty as possible when you follow these recipes. The recipes are made by a nutritionist and offer nutritious, healthy and balanced meals to lose weight more easily, but also to enjoy an honorable meal. Neaga Florina is on Facebook. Sign up for Facebook to get in touch with Neaga Florina and others you might know. Facebook gives people the power to communicate and do ..

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What to do and see in the most visited resorts in Turkey Considered the jewel of the Turkish coast, the resort on the shores of the Aegean Sea is a place where the history and luxury of modern times are intertwined in an extremely natural way Welcome! Log in to your account with your username. your password These restaurants provide a landmark for foreign communities, but also a showcase of their origins. Luxury restaurants Often more ingenious and expensive, these restaurants cater to customers who have the time and money to serve food here. The dishes (of the most varied) are brought on. 2 teaspoons dill seeds 1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes 1 cup apple cider vinegar 1 cup water 1 1/2 tablespoons coarse salt. Preparation: Wash and dry the cucumbers. Cut the ends of the cucumbers, then cut into suitable strips. Add in jars, then incorporate garlic, dill seeds and red pepper flakes. Henrik Sebok is one of the most appreciated chefs in the world. He has been working in the gastronomy field for over 30 years, and since 2002 he came to Romania with his whole family, he fell in love with our country and decided to stay here.

Over time, the city has seen many civilizations develop and disappear, and the ruins are living proof of this: Roman baths, Greek gates, the necropolis, are just a few examples. What is interesting to see here are the baths, which in their time were the most luxurious baths in the whole land. In Arinis, the leisure complex from Gura Humorului, always offers you new and new attractions to come back every time with the same pleasure. Hotels and pensions We have prepared the best accommodation offers for hotels, pensions, holiday homes and tourist complexes in Bucovina - promoting new management for restaurants and recently opened units, - implementing new work systems and improving existing ones, taking into account the culinary specifics chosen by you, the environment, the location and, implicitly, the essential points for the successful development of a viable business

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Luxury Restaurants 0 A to Z Recipes 0 Greek Recipes 0 Healthy Recipes 0 Radu's Recipes 0 0 Health and Life 0 Barilla Italy Site 0 Lose Weight Fast Fast Diets 0 Tastespotting 0 0 Titi Tudoranca - Nutrition Facts 0 ALL ABOUT CRETE 0 Valentin Vasile - 0 Wallpapers 0 Categories Recipe: Peasant soup from Maramureş | Lux Restaurant. to inspire and help you. We have selected recipes suitable for the Easter meal, traditional or not, tasty and good-looking recipes, which will be to the liking of both the family and your guests. I hope you find [

How should we behave in luxury restaurants? What the

The Bucharest restaurant Le Bistrot Francais announces the joining of Relais & Chateaux, the international association dedicated to excellence in the hospitality industry. Located in one of the most beautiful buildings of the city, built in the 19th century, once the residence of the French architect Albert Galleron, Le Bistrot Français is the first property in Romania accepted in the community. If you have taken skiing to the level of art, I recommend you to choose Austria, more precisely the Sölden resort, a paradise for skiers from all over Europe. It is not an ordinary ski resort, which is why it is called Ibiza Alps. In the glacier resort, the fun is all winter, both day and night, with. restaurant skopelos molos & tavern, restaurants skopelos and tavern

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  • An innovative printing technology brought to Romania for the first time is the challenge launched by IPPU Packaging, the old partner of for label printing solutions and not only (both the sticker medals from the Vinul Excellence Awards. ro as well as the stickers with dots that stick on the bottles are produced by.
  • Judges of Holiday Vacations Loredana Maria Bran Min side Ella NATURAL 100% - SAFE FOOD Nigella Recipes Only Joy GOOD POPE with Cristi Roman Lost in Your Madness PITZIPOANCE & ampCOCALARII The story of the first day talk Rachael Ray Recipes Luxury Restaurants Recipes Creative RECIPES CULIN.
  • I tell this story in great detail, as if it were yesterday, even though seven years have passed since then. I learned from her, in addition to non-attachment to material things :), two things that I value enormously: 1. that adults are as prone to accidents as children and 2. that, as John Lennon said, life is what it is.

Tagliatelle with squid, shrimp and mushrooms

It is the 266th day of 2020. There are 100 days until the end of the year. The sun rises at 07 h 03 m and sets at 19 h 13 m. The moon rises at 13 h 03 m and sets at 22 h 26 m. The autumnal equinox 16 h 31 m. AGERPRES / many factors, car, woman, owner, the kind of relationship you are looking for etc. It is a kind of thread - & gt what is better to be, Craiova Forum, the largest online community in Oltenia. topic, Free Classifieds, Contests, News, Chat, the place where you can meet your friends and where your day can become more interesting

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A couple (husband and wife) have dinner in a luxury restaurant in the capital. At one point they approach their table a very attractive woman and clearly younger than his wife. The stranger bends down and kisses the man with a gesture full of familiarity and tenderness Interest of Metro over time. Metrou is the most searched Hot Trends Keyword Romania in the map shown below (Interest by region and time). Numbers represent search interest relative to the highest point on the chart for the given region and time. A value of 100 is the peak popularity for the term Interesting Articles - Foods Tell About Updates, Reveal Secrets, Give New Ideas Female Audience, And No Name

Quail steak

Quail meat has the lowest content of cholesterol and fat after ostrich meat, quail steak is one of the excellent dishes for children at the holiday table. For vitamins and minerals, at the same weight, quail meat provides the body with + 50% vitamins and minerals compared to chicken. In addition, quail meat has the lowest cholesterol and fat content after ostrich meat. so increase cooking, a delicious and healthy steak.

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And because we are crazy about sweets, today we have prepared a list of 7 French desserts that you must try at least once in your life. They are elegant and fragrant, delicate, but unforgettable. We have to admit. The French are best at the art of desserts Desserts # classic desserts # desserts france # french recipes # french cuisine 7 classic desserts not to be missed in France 7 classic desserts not to be missed in France France is not considered the land of delicacies in vain. French cuisine is one of the most skillful, refined and delicious in the world. The products are made by pastry chefs who learn traditional French recipes and then invent their own avant-garde desserts or recreate popular delicacies centuries ago. In addition to very good quality products, Parisian pastries focus on the environment, investing in DESSERTS presentation. Crème caramel or custard is basically sugar cream that has a liquid layer of caramel on top unlike crème brûlée, burnt sugar cream that has a hard layer of caramel on the surface. Croissant - perhaps the best known product of French pastry, is a light and fluffy puff pastry not missing from breakfast

French restaurants in Bucharest. French dessert French cuisine is one of the most refined and appreciated in the world, with healthy and delicious food. Cheeses, wine and pastries are French specialties that you must try at least once [.. French cuisine gives you inviting recipes: specialties with chicken or cheese, quiche, Ratatouille, clafoutis, macarons, cakes and more Traditional recipes Romanians and from all over the world. Recipes for food, salads, desserts, drinks and preserves. - culinary recipes

7 French desserts that I have to try

  1. Romanian and international culinary recipes - Gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both nationally and internationally
  2. French fries in the oven. See how easy the recipe is and what the ingredients are for the best French baked potatoes
  3. Chocolate, French cheeses, delicacies, teas, specialties, gourmet gifts, ingredients for recipes, high quality, are brought directly from France and are available in the online store Lafourchette.r
  4. Sophisticated French recipes. Delight your friends and family with some French delicacies, from salads and soups to complex main courses and sophisticated desserts. It is worth pampering your senses with traditional French recipes
  5. French fries with boiled eggs and sour cream - in the oven. Recipe for potatoes au gratin with cream, butter, eggs and baked cheese. How s

7 classic desserts that you should not miss in France

One of the most beloved French desserts is the yogurt cake, which can be served on any occasion, with a little whipped cream. Due to the ingredients, especially the yogurt in the composition, this cake remains fresh even after a few days of baking. So, start cooking it by preheating the oven to 180 degrees. Learn to prepare French sweets, according to the recipes proposed by Diva Hair French Recipes. Here you will find a series of French recipes, ready to be tried. Prepare simple, complex dishes, desserts or delicacies according to the most famous traditional French recipes. Traditional dishes from France. Posted on | July 11, 2013 | 1 Comment. We offer you a foray into the fascinating world of traditional French food. For starters, we will stop in the Toulouse region Recipes with Laura Laurențiu is one of the first culinary blogs in Romanian. Launched in 2009, the blog has gathered around it an enthusiastic community of cooking enthusiasts. Recipes with Laura Laurențiu offers step-by-step recipes with photos and video recipes, for a sure success

image source: farm7 Turkey is known as the country where sweets are at home.Although you probably already know some local desserts, we thought we would prepare a list of 10 of them for your next vacation in Turkey .. The Turkish desserts we will talk about in this article are: Sutlac, Halva, Zerde, Revani , Pestil, Kunefe, Baklava, Lokum, Pismaniye and Tavuk Gogsu Madeleine is a traditional cake from the Lorraine region. A fluffy shell-shaped muffin. In the Middle Ages they were made even in shell shells, hence their characteristic shape. Symbol of bourgeois cuisine, the young pastry chefs were rediscovered in the 90's, thus becoming fashionable again. You can enjoy them [Home Recipes / traditional Transylvania Deserts Transylvania. Desserts Transylvania. Fresh apricot cake recipe. Home to Romanians-June 26, 2020 0. It is the period of aromatic apricots, perfect for cakes, compotes or jam. Today, we offer you a cake recipe that is worth trying at home

A variety of culinary recipes for desserts, from world-famous desserts, panna cotta or tiramisu to traditional Romanian dessert recipes - rice pudding, papanasi, pancake recipes or plum dumplings Traditional French food and cake recipes. Try these French recipes with chicken, pork or lamb. French cuisine is characterized by refinement, flavor, perfect complement of tastes and textures, so if you want to prepare a special meal it would be ideal to look in a few French recipes. These can seem very complex and sophisticated.

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  • Stylish confectionery. 9 French dessert recipes to learn how to make Publication date: Thursday 08 May 2014, 00:08 There is no professional or amateur chef who has not tried at least one of them: from simple crepes suzette to complicated and so adored macarons
  • VIDEO | French desserts and cakes take the place of traditional Easter cakes! Confectioners with sophisticated recipes prepare unique sweets, in combinations of colors and tastes.
  • Juicy and fragrant French potatoes without eggs. Hello dear friends, today I want to present you a new recipe, namely French potatoes without eggs. A very simple and very tasty recipe that you will love. Eggless French potatoes are prepared in the big restaurants in Romania. But let's face it, they're preparing to hurry like this [
  • Christmas and New Year Cakes It can not be a Christmas and New Year celebration without cakes and pies on the table. And if the cakes and pies are prepared at home then all the better. In the selection of Christmas and New Year Cakes we gathered a multitude of cake recipes but also cake recipes, some more complicated and others extremely easy to prepare.
  • Some traditional dishes, such as bread or cheese, roast meat, meat pies, boiled vegetables, have ancient origins. Others, instead, have been adapted by adding Chinese, Indian, Italian, French, etc. ingredients. Here are the meals of the day: breakfast, 11 o'clock tea, snack between breakfast and lunch.

Dear ones, I announce with regret (I was really pleased to see again and gather together some of my best recipes) that I have reached the end of this culinary marathon, the last category, and the longest: P, being that of cakes and other sweet wonders that I have made since 2007 !! Traditional desserts are delicious, but you can also try, for variation, dishes that use special ingredients.. These desserts are suitable for special occasions recipes from this luxury collection, can turn an ordinary dinner into. - Your portal for cool recipes - French chocolate desserts, recipes, culinary tips, diets, healthy eating, restaurant guide, spice, a simple and very tasty recipe The most popular French recipes. Many of the French dishes no longer need introduction. Like French cheeses and wines, they are celebrated all over the world. Let's get acquainted with these dishes so that, the next time you have a French appetite, you know exactly what you want to order Top 5 foods French cuisine that you should try - The most famous cuisine in the world, French cuisine has gained its reputation since hundreds of years ago, especially thanks to the small producers who offered restaurants and shops quality food

And in the French restaurants in Bucharest you can serve refined French menus, Salade d'Ecrevisse, Carpaccio de Thon, Tartare de Boeuf, Ravioli d'Escargots a la Creme D'ail, Foie Gras Poele and traditional desserts, Tarte Tatine, Creme Brulee, Gateax have Chocolate. Dines Bistro Bucharest Baked French fries - simple recipe, assembly and baking. 1. Place a layer of potatoes on the bottom of the heat-resistant dish well greased with butter, sprinkling salt and ground pepper, then place a layer of egg slices. We have prepared another gift package that contains traditional desserts, both French and Romanian , all ready for the Easter holiday. (+4) 031.005.1187 [email protected] Desserts # cake # chocolate # butter # sugar # eggs # flour. Flourless French Chocolate Cake Flourless French Chocolate Cake The chocolate cake is quick to prepare and does not require flour. It is as tasty as the classic flour cake. You can serve it with whipped cream and strawberries, or with different sauces for.

The best desserts - The best desserts I have met in the restaurants in the city New restaurants and cafes - Restaurants, bistros, cafes and other important places newly opened in the city Other rated restaurants (Top 201+) - Other restaurants, cafes , and other places visited, which were not included in the Restocrac List Gastronomic journey: 12 divine Christmas desserts, which are served in various countries of the world. 12:12, December 24, 2019. Culinary. Burnt sugar cream - the recipe with raw sugar. 12:10, October 14, 2019. Culinary. The most beautiful French songs of all time and French gastronomy can be found at Darclee Restaurant. The restaurant's menu offers traditional dishes from Burgundy, Normandy and Britain (Quiche Lorraine Patrick Guibet, with over 10 years of experience in luxury restaurants around the world. Menus can be easily matched with famous French but also with French desserts such as Fondant .

What traditional dishes do we find in France

Desserts are everyone's favorite, so at DallesGO we help you specialize in their preparation. If you like to make cakes, pastries and want to improve your preparation or simply want to open your own confectionery, the first step is to enroll in DallesGO confectionery courses Ingredients for French Potatoes - 1.2 kg of potatoes, 6 boiled eggs hard, 200 gr sour cream, 150 gr cheese, 100 gr cheese, 2 raw eggs, 100 ml milk, salt, 50 gr butter. Preparation French potatoes The potatoes are washed and boiled. When the potatoes have boiled, let them cool and peel them. Then cut into slices + 5,000-loc./km² 2 from 300 to 1,000 places./km² from 100 to 250 places./km² from 70 per 100 inhabitants / km2 from 40 to 70 inhabitants / km2 - 40 inhabitants / km2 The relief and population density per km2 in 2001. Metropolitan France is marked by multiple spatial imbalances. On the one hand, it is original in that it has a capital six times more populated than the second urban area a. French potatoes a tasty recipe, with ingredients that complement wonderfully: potatoes, eggs, cheese, sour cream, sausages. Some traditional French food in the article here. Another baked recipe that I like is eggplant with cheese. Select Desserts according to the recipe and then Romanasca in the kitchen

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  • And the cakes were called financiers. we will tell you in detail about the most popular desserts.
  • Gourmets and lovers of home-made or made-to-order dessert recipes will discover at Sweet Fest an authentic culinary show: fresh traditional goodies, French pancakes prepared on the spot by maître crepier with fillings of your choice, as well as chocolate preparation workshops you will be able to take part, preparing with the help of specialists, cinnamon chocolate, pepper.
  • French duck sausages It is a product appreciated by gourmets around the world, it has a unique taste, it is prepared according to traditional French recipes, and assures you that you will not regret this choice. All you have to do is try our products to surprise your family, friends or yourself.
  • How to prepare classic French pancakes: Share 16K. Pin 371. Tweet. WhatsApp. 16K Shares. See more video recipes. Sweets. Delicious and fragrant eye cake - video recipe. JamilaCuisine-19/09/2020. Delicious and fragrant eye cake - video recipe The egg cake is the dessert that impresses everyone.
  • In general, this sweet bread is eaten for breakfast, being a bread that resembles the French one, as well as this being fried in egg and a little sugar. Hungarians have many traditional recipes with years and years of age, both as main courses and especially as desserts.
  • A brief introduction to Italian pastry. Posted on August 19, 2015. Italy is famous for its dishes. From the delicious pizzas, pastas, cheeses unique in the world and, especially, the special wine, which he makes in huge quantities
  • If I have cheese, eggs and sour cream, it is known: I make French potatoes! It's nothing complicated, on the contrary, it's really very easy to do and also very fast. My husband says it's a calorie bomb, but what else does he like to eat this bomb

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Recipes, culinary items, food ideas and practical tips in chefs Desserts by the glass will always delight a festive meal and will attract the admiring eyes of guests! Very easy to make, with ingredients often at hand, cold from the fridge, desserts by the glass are ideal for both festive meals: birthday parties, weddings, baptisms, but they can also be a Sunday dessert to indulge in. A wonderful snack is the following recipe for pancakes with traditional French buckwheat flour called Breton pancakes, pancakes bretagne (breton pancakes). I call it a snack because I will make pancakes filled with eggs, snails, cheese and sweet cabbage, but you can put anything do you like it or can you serve it as a dessert with a sweet filling (fruit, jam, jam, chocolate, ice cream) French potatoes .. Potatoes are among the most popular garnishes in the world and have why because they can be prepared in a thousand of kinds. A very interesting recipe is the French Potato. It is a little more complicated than the puree, but I assure you it is worth it.

French | . | Keywords. Ingredients: 500 g potatoes, 1 onion, 2 teaspoons nutmeg, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons oil, 2 tablespoons flour, salt, pepper Niculina cuisine offers traditional Romanian dishes from your own household - sausages, dairy or various other dishes, brandy drinks of plums etc. Here are a few of them: Desserts Papanasi with jam and sour cream Pancakes with duct Pancakes with chocolate French potatoes Grilled baby pastrami. Ingredients: 500 g potatoes, 1 onion, 2 teaspoons nutmeg, 1 egg, 2 tablespoons oil, 2 tablespoons flour, salt, pepper. french pancakes potatoes french eggs Radu's Kitchen - Culinary blog with traditional and international recipes, recipes in pictures and videos. Radu's kitchen - From the most traditional recipes to others you've never seen From the famous French desserts to the traditional bakery products, they will all delight your taste buds if you enter the world of Senneville. A confectionery with a history of over 25 years, a business started by one generation and developed as a brand by another

The Heritage menu contains traditional French dishes and quality wines. In addition to traditional wines from France, Spain and Romania, Heritage brings wines from the new world: Chile, Argentina and New Zealand. But if you want to dine here, you must know that this restaurant is very pretentious and with reasonable prices. French buns A French specialty, these buns with wonderful taste, have a peel and a soft and light interior. Quick desserts (9) Jams jams jams and compotes (14) various sweets (73) Traditional Easter recipes (14) Salads (6) Cooking tips and tricks (10) soups and stews (14) Tarts (4) Cakes (22)

I chose to publish the recipe for this cake with a tradition in French pastry, because today, March 21, Gout de France is celebrated - the world celebration of French gastronomy. Gout de France is in its second edition, the event being organized for the first time in 2015 , at the initiative of Alain Ducasse and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development French potatoes. Ingredients for French potatoes: 700 -800 g potatoes, 4 eggs, 200-300 ml cream, 50 g butter or oil, 30 g breadcrumbs, salt. We focus on product quality and we want to make as many customers happy as possible. We make both traditional recipes and sophisticated desserts and personalized cakes, using natural ingredients: eggs and natural whipped cream purchased from producers.

Located in the Aviation area, the Casa Boema restaurant, a Romanian restaurant, aims to capture the local dishes traditionally, but prepared with passion for good taste and, last but not least, for healthy food. Thus, I follow the recipes traditionally of Romanian cuisine using only 100% natural ingredients. French Potatoes-Rakott Krumpli. While we make the layers, we start the oven to heat up. Put the bowl of French fries in the oven and let them brown until the top layer is nicely browned. Remove and serve hot sprinkled with plenty of sour cream. It is possible and without, it all depends on the taste of each Traditional Easter Food Call the number 905-568-0656 in advance if you want to order the following EASTER SWEETS WITH SWEET SWEET COZONAC CHEESE. CARPATI Euro Delicatesse Lately this dessert has gained more and more popularity and has become present in the windows of large confectioneries, but also in wedding menus. The famous cakes delight our eyes with their vivid colors and taste buds by combining refined ingredients. Although most consider it to be a French dessert, the origins of this cake are quite. . If it sticks to the hand, sprinkle a little flour on top

We have reached almost 100 cake recipes in 10 years of site and you will find here the best homemade cakes, traditional recipes, simple, explained in steps with pictures, many and VIDEO. Of course, the famous Tiramisu, Blacks of all kinds, Cake with apples and other fruits, Burnt sugar cream, Chocofaln, etc. order Raw material Quantity gross for 10 servings Gross quantity for 100 servings 1. Potatoes 3,000 kg 30.00 A special recipe, but not very complicated to prepare, French baked potatoes. What you need for French cupto potatoes Discover our offers and our range of drinks online, event drinks and fine drinks for connoisseurs! Order alcoholic drinks online now from with home delivery

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  • fruit salad, french fries, vegetable salads, rice pilaf, Indian recipes. Culinary Recipes: Foods and Desserts, Traditional Recipes. Romanian and international culinary recipes - gastronomic portal with over forty thousand culinary recipes, both nationally and internationally.
  • ufffff what good food. I always made it but not right after this recipe and I thought I'd give it a try. a treat and I put 3 kinds of cheese. grated cheese some telemea cheese but it's not salty or sweet and it's the one in babybel red wax that I like how it melts. With whipped cream with egg and put in the oven it's super good I didn't think about it before I put cream
  • French Potatoes 2 by Amalia on October 10, 2011 November 19, 2019 in Uncategorized, Vegetable Preparations I'm not up to inspiration about the title of the recipes but I have some recipes that cook them in many ways and the title is the same, so let's go with 1, 2 samd For today, a recipe I missed, French fries
  • Buy and sell online eggs, meat, milk, cheese, crafts, wine, brandy, vegetables, fruits, honey, trees, tomatoes and agricultural machinery
  • Potatoes in French.. Potatoes are among the most popular garnishes in the world and have reason because they can be prepared in a thousand ways. A very interesting recipe is the Potato in French.It's a little more complicated than puree, but I assure you it's worth it
  • Today I show you the recipe for French potatoes in my style. It is quite easy to prepare and very tasty. I used: 1 kg new potatoes, 150 gr cheese, 200 gr smoked cheese, 500 ml sour cream, 2 eggs, 300 gr kaizer, oregano, basil, salt, parsley, a little margarine (for greased tray). I peeled the potatoes and boiled them

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In our menu you will find traditional French Welsh dishes, but also Romanian cuisine. From entrees, soups, meat or seafood dishes, to desserts, of which we especially recommend pancakes, everything you will taste with us is fresh and tasty Trattoria Buongiorno Victoriei - Luxury canteen of corporate in Victoriei Square. In 2000 and something, the Downtown restaurant, or Casa di David Downtown, as it was known, opened with great fanfare, in a large aristocratic house on Lascar Catargiu, right where it ends in Victoriei Square 23.08.2020 - Explore Iuliana Bogdan's board Recipes on Pinterest. See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Culinary Recipes 07.03.2019 - Explore Cornelius Ioan Maxim's board ROMANIAN RECIPES, followed by 365 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Romanian recipes, Recipes, Food desserts for all (110) Dough and puff pastry (21) Muffins with all (5) Cookies (7) Cakes of choice (67) Homemade cakes (17) Snacks / Breakfast (8) miscellaneous food (164) other (58) savory dough and puff pastry (14) canned food (1) holiday - traditional and not only (25) mouth-watering for Christmas (16)

Let's get to know each other!

We propose to return to old Romania, to tradition and traditional tastes, to the foods with which we grew up. in the bowl and we eat it as if our jaws were running out of breath.

We want such pleasant memories to arouse the taste of our dishes, thus rediscovering your grandparents' kitchen on your plate.

Bacania Boiereasca is a family business, born from a simple concept. Her vision starts from the desire to give our children healthy food. And to achieve this we had to secure the whole chain, you know how they say, "from glie to plate". We started with a small farm, near Suceava, of Angus cows, which we raise naturally, with fodder and fodder, without concentrates. Then, in addition to cows, there were also piglets, sheep, chickens, all naturally raised.

From the farm we regularly supply our groceries, so as to ensure the necessary meat without having to resort to other suppliers. We offer only fresh and tasty products, made according to unique recipes, with a memorable taste, and for this reason we do not allow ourselves to work superficially or to make stocks.

Our dishes contain only meat and spices for taste, without any preservatives, additives or E's: sausages, cabanos, smoked pork tenderloin and pork neck, beef, pork and chicken pastrami, peasant ham, Montana musk, chicken and beef sausages, parizer, drum, chisca and lebar, but also others, made according to traditional recipes in which the "soul" is the main ingredient. The entire production process is carefully supervised, starting with cutting, marinating, maturing, smoking and ending with storage.

Also, if you feel like a barbecue or a tender steak, come to us and stock up on fresh meat such as portioned and seasoned pork neck and pork chop, fresh Patrician sausages, beef and pork leg, beef goulash, Angus beef tenderloin and beef, small and burgers.

Along with these goodies you can find in our Bacania other products made by local producers, Romanian products without preservatives, additives or other enhancers, whose taste will remind you of childhood: homemade chocolate, homemade yogurt, natural spices, organic honey, jams and zacusca from seasonal vegetables and fruits, craft beer, and much much more.

Asparagus omelet

Asparagus, asparagus. Asparagus over there, asparagus over here. With emphasis on the second & # 8216a & # 8217 or with emphasis on the last & # 8216e & # 8217. So much noise around him that you can't help but buy. Fresh. If fat. And masked. As a pickle I have eaten before, it turns green for the first time. Well, I took it. What can I do with him if not a boyar omelet. Then I did.
With eggs (4),
with mushrooms (4),
with cheese (

with asparagus (400g),
With salt,
with pepper,
with oil,
properly. As many do not have to.

Ingredients: eggs, mushrooms, asparagus, cheese, salt, pepper, olive oil

Then this asparagus should, at best, be boiled. In a saucepan with a little water and the lid covered.

When it is fresh and beautiful, it must be cut off immediately by the wooden tails, as it will damage the teeth. So, about an inch or two.

As the water starts to boil, put the stalks there for about 5 minutes. People say it has to be steamed, I didn't have time for that and I can tell you that it turned out great.

I gave a good shuffle to the eggs,

with salt and pepper, what else.

beaten eggs with salt and pepper

Then I chopped everything that could be chopped, except the mushrooms, clearly, which I cut into slices.

Under the pan I lit the fire, in the pan I put oil, I heated the oleaca and I poured beaten eggs.

When the cake hardened a little, I placed the mushrooms,

pan with eggs and mushrooms

in a minute, the asparagus and cheese.

In another 2 minutes I folded the cake in half, with a wide spatula, so as not to spoil, and I put the lid on. All this trick was made not only for beauty, but also for him cheese. Melt well.

Whoever ate said thank you and asked again. Have a craving too.

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vegan lifestyle
Did you know that over 40,000 people have already adopted a predominantly raw vegan diet? Probably the number is growing every day, because the information on this subject is more and more. The good part is that many of them are true. The downside is that there are other approaches that would keep even those who are convinced of the benefits of this lifestyle at a distance. [..] Other information about: raw vegan diet recipe, raw diet myths, raw diet, raw vegan diet

Apple pie, a raw-vegan dessert, ready in 5 minutes

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Desserts should not be high in calories and unhealthy ingredients. You can prepare an apple pie, from 100% healthy ingredients, in maximum 5 minutes. It is ideal for the hot summer months, because it does not require baking. Here's how easy it is to prepare. [..] Other information about: raw dessert, raw vegan pie, raw diet, fasting dessert, apple pie, fasting recipes, pie, raw vegan diet, raw vegan diet recipe

40% of adults are overweight! How to lose weight smart

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Lack of exercise, disorganized diet, non-compliance with rest hours and stress factors are the main reasons why almost 4 out of 10 adults are overweight and 13% are obese. In this context, many people who struggle with extra pounds look for wonderful recipes on the Internet, hoping that pills or a certain tea can solve their problem, but few of them look for the factor that triggers a chaotic lifestyle. [..] Other information about: overweight Romanians, how to lose weight intelligently, obese Romanians, weight loss diets, weight loss

The first vegan Christmas fair in Romania - Christmas VegFair!

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On December 19, 20 and 21 we will meet again inside the University House. Encouraged by the success of the first vegan festival this summer - VegFest, which managed to gather over 6,000 visitors in the courtyard and garden of the University House, over 60 exhibitors and many beautiful stories, awaits you with open arms this winter at a different fair. [..] Other information about: vegan christmas fair, vegan fair, christmas

How to remove chemicals from your child's life?

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Nothing is healthier than a trip with the child in the middle of nature, or at least in the nearby woods. Stay on the blanket, the light of your life delights the world with delight. He breaks a blade of grass, he would chew it, but you snatch it from his hand: who knows, what kind of chemicals he absorbed. a stream whispers nearby: it terrifies you that he would drink from it! in the great commotion you seem to notice a rash on his skin under the shirt: is he somehow allergic to detergent? [..] Other information about: child life chemicals, chemical removal, chemicals

Fasting diet: what are the benefits of eliminating animal foods from the menu

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The fasting diet or vegan diet means the elimination of all foods of animal origin from the daily diet. The fasting diet involves certain benefits for the human body, which helps it stay healthy for a long time, and people who follow such a diet feel more energetic. Here are the main benefits of a fasting diet. [..] Other information about: vegetables, health, fasting, fruits, disease prevention, vegan diet

Mimi Kirk, the sexiest vegetarian, is coming to Romania!

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Mimi Kirk, called by PETA "the sexiest vegetarian for over 50 years", comes to Romania in June. She will hold the conference "How to Live Raw in Romania" in Bucharest. [..] Other information about: Mimi Kirk, vegetarian, romania, conference, bucharest

Ioana Ginghina celebrates her day through work

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The star Ioana Ginghina turned the beautiful age of 34 yesterday and spent her day at work, "interrupted" in some places by some pleasant surprises from her loved ones. [..] Other information about: ioana ghinghina, actress, gift, surprise, alexandru papadopol

B & rsquoEstfest 2009: The stars want Bio menus

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Organic menus and diets are in the top of the culinary preferences of the stars present this year at B & amprsquoEstfest. & ampnbspMoby (photo), vegan convinced for several years vegan = vegetarian [..] Other information about: rock, pop, electro, other genres, menus, vegetarians, moby, santana, the killers, manowar, motorhead, patrice, diet

Movie Review - Grown Ups

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Grown Ups is a movie with and about grown-ups who behave like children, so if you're not a fan of Adam Sandler or other actors in the cast, maybe Dennis Dugan's comedy won't [..] Other info about: kevin james , dennis dugan, adam sandler, comedy, grown ups, film, chronicle

What do we replace "sweet" foods with during fasting

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We are in Lent. It is the longest and strictest post of the year. Many times, those who fast, dream of the food they enjoyed before. Few know that they can be recreated with plant foods. Here's how you can include sweet foods to create delicious fasting recipes! [..] Other information about: vegan food, food replacement, fasting food, fasting, fasting

10 delicious dishes, perfect for Lent

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In the midst of Easter fasting, the longest fast in the Christian-Orthodox calendar, you definitely need a little inspiration when it comes to the culinary dishes you can eat. Foodpanda, the largest food ordering platform in Romania, recommends ten tasty fasting dishes that will satisfy your need for diversity and give you the energy you need every day. [..] Other information about: fasting dishes, fasting pasta, recipes, recipes for fasting pasta

How can you be the most beautiful version of yourself

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Life is made up of stages that help us to develop more and more beautiful and lasting. The same happens with our skin, which we always take care of, but there are key moments for an even healthier and more beautiful skin. To reveal a fresher and brighter complexion than ever, add to your beauty ritual the products from the new Sabon collection - Fresh & Glow! [..] Other information about: feminine style, beauty

3 vegan sandwiches that can replace any main meal

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Sandwiches with healthy ingredients can successfully replace any main meal, especially if the vegetable season allows you to try some absolutely delicious vegan recipes. Even if you are used to seeing the base of a sandwich around meat and cheese, find out that you do not need animal products to make a tasty and nutritious sandwich. Give up conventions and try to prepare some vegan sandwiches, excellent for the whole family! [..] Other information about: sandwich, sandwich recipes, vegan sandwich, fasting sandwich

Hollywood stars teach you how to stay young

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The stars have some secrets that make them look 10, maybe even 20 years younger. And no, it's not about cosmetic surgery. Each of them has mastered a lifestyle that can become a model for any of us. [..] Other information about: how to look younger, cosmetic surgery, hollywood, celebrities

Health through vegetarian delights

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More and more people find out about the corner of heaven in the middle of the tumultuous Bucharest, namely the vegetarian restaurant Satya, a space somewhat sheltered from the noise of the capital, with a spacious terrace and a large aristocratic house, both with a royal and welcoming air. [..] Other information about: vegetarian, vegeterian restaurant, satya

Dietary Easter menu

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At Easter, the holiday table invites you with many goodies, which are also cumbersome, not exactly suitable for a diet. What do you do if you have to follow a diet or are on a diet? Or what can you prepare for guests who can't eat classic heavy foods? [..] Other information about: pasta recipes, pasta menu, diet menu, pasta, recipes, diet

What menu can you prepare for an outing to the green Easter grass

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Easter means joy and warmth, beautiful moments with loved ones. And if the weather is nice, it is a good opportunity to go out for a barbecue with family and friends. If you have already decided in this regard, then you should think of a menu suitable for this occasion. [..] Other information about: pasta, menu, cake, easter, pasta eggs, lamb, barbecue, drob

Raw vegan cake, recommended by Ioana Ginghina

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Ioana Ginghina prepared her own cake for her name day. She revealed the recipe to the fans, as a thank you "for all the beautiful thoughts I received from you yesterday." [..] Other information about: Ioana Ginghina cake, raw cake, ioana ginghina

The fair of open minds "V for Verde" in Bucharest

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On Sunday, September 30, the first edition of the "V for Verde" fair transforms Villa Barrio into the brightest green place in Bucharest. The fair of open minds is the manifesto of people who know how to enjoy life despite the gray city, deadlines and traffic. [..] Other information about: free time, fairs, events, events in Bucharest, open mind fair, v for verde

Bianca Dragusanu, in anaphylactic shock for the Holidays. Here's what he could eat!

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If some were knocked down by boiled eggs and lamb steak for the holidays, Bianca Dragusanu put the raw-vegan food in the hospital. She arrived at the Emergency Department in anaphylactic shock, almost fainted. [..] Other information about: raw-vegan diet, bianca dragusanu, infusions, emergencies, anaphylactic shock

Calorie Vegan Protein 71% Power-Tech

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[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

3 secrets about losing weight that you need to know

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From "superfoods" like quinoa and kale, to new fitness trends like Tabata training, 2013 had its own trends in body health and beauty. Now it is the turn of 2014 to announce its news in this regard. [..] Other information about: whole grains, quinoa, health 2014, hemp seeds, functional fitness

Which star diet suits you?

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Holiday-specific relaxation often comes bundled with extra pounds! All you have to do to get back to your original shape is to analyze your lifestyle and opt for the diet that suits you. The next test can help you! [..] Other information about: Heidi Klum diet, Jennifer Aniston diet, health tests, celebrity diet, weight loss

The heart remains immune to stress if you have a healthy lifestyle

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People who are stressed at work and have an unhealthy lifestyle are more likely to develop coronary heart disease compared to those who maintain a healthy lifestyle, a recent study shows. [..] Other information about: stress, health, heart, study, risks, healthy lifestyle, heart affections

How to make buttercream frosting // Butter icing

I mean, you make muffins as I said here (or any recipe you feel like and you think would enjoy a combination) and as they cool you play with the following:

  • 120g of butter (at room temperature)
  • 230g of powdered sugar (sifted through to make sure it's very fine)
  • a teaspoon of vanilla extracte (or what other flavor comes to mind: orange peel, coffee, almond extract & # 8211 I bought some very nice and very cheap natural extracts from London, too bad I did not do it in industrial quantities : p)
  • 2 tablespoons milk
  • food coloring if you feel like a panarama

In a bowl, beat the butter with a mixer until creamy. Then start adding the powdered sugar a little, because you don't want to wake up in a sweet white cloud (yes, now that I've said it, it sounds good). Here, a silicone spatula would be helpful, to incorporate the cream that sticks to the walls of the bowl. Then add the milk and mix the flavors until the cream is fine and loose (about 3-4 minutes). Now is the time to scribble if you want to play with dyes & # 8211 depending on what you want, add a little food coloring (gel, paste, liquid or dissolved powder). Of course, there are also variants of natural dyes (colored fruit juice: raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, etc.). If the cream is thinner (it was not the case for me), you can add more sugar until it has an ok consistency.

And when the job is done, all you have to do is eat your cakes (not just cupcakes, go for cakes and other high-calorie pancakes). Either spread the cream with a spatula and it will look more & # 8220rustic / lazy / natural & # 8221, or have a little patience and fill a bag with dui (found at the supermarket at Fackelman) or spritz or bag with the tip cut and try your hand at roses and other more or less decorative looks.

The butter cream can be kept in the fridge for about two weeks (but obviously not later than the expiration date of the butter! :))) & # 8211 before using it you have to go through the mixer once more to more airy.

Your frosting is perfect! Those cupcakes look delicious!
As for the contest & # 8230super!
I had the perfect breakfast for my birthday, when I had maximum pampering time and it looked like this jpg
Aromatic coffee, fresh croissants with butter and berry jam (home made), fresh orange juice and my favorite snacks: prosciutto melone and Brie.

:)) a good breakfast is the one you get to take :) but in other words & # 8230 A sandwich made with: black bread with seeds, a drop of butter, a fried egg on both sides, a thin slice of cheese, if there is some spicy salami with cheese, come some basil and slices of tomatoes. After him a mouthful of coffee or a cold mint tea. and then we wake up completely, get out of bed and go to the office :)) (the sandwich above is tested: jpg)

Ideal breakfast: wholemeal flour croissants with butter, ripe Spanish cheese carried in holiday luggage in Malaga, raspberry jam made by me, radishes, cornflakes with milk, coffee with mint, omelette with salmon ..What's more, a full meal, no wonder you're always late for work in the morning :)

Hi, can you tell me, please, why did you buy the food coloring?
I've been trying to find it for a while, but I'm not very successful.

@valentina & # 8211 I will also need an email address or a contact, in case you win & # 8211 we know where to get you :)

@anonim & # 8211 liquid dye can be found in hypermarkets (ex Kaufland), and I bought paste and powder from a store in the back in Cocor, it's called Cast Decor

Coincidentally, today he had the best breakfast in a long time: D
toast with butter, salmon and green cucumbers, crackers with cream cheese and baby shrimps, crackers with cream cheese, cucumbers and fresh pesto and some mini pancakes with strawberry jelly and peanut butter & # 8230oh the yumm: D

Mmmmic dream breakfast would be: French bread bought in slices, dense and good & # 8211 about 3 kinds, slightly soft butter, apricot jam, chorizo ​​salami, an eye egg and a slice of browned bacon, cream cheese, tomatoes, almonds, nuts and cranberries and an Earl Gray tea with milk :)

yummy tare !! we pampered ourselves almost identically in vikend) I also made cupcakes, some with cioco and others with buttercream, only I put some strawberries on the latter) Interesting contest!

Breakfast, as well as clothes, moods or activities, should be matched to the season. Autumn bathed in shades of brick, rust and burgundy red is the perfect background for a breakfast in these tones. I would start with a well-flavored orange tea with some cloves. Scrambled eggs velvety with cream cheese, dill and chives followed by pancakes with sage and sweet pumpkin and croutons with fig jam and goat cheese. I would end the extravagance with a black coffee accompanied by hazelnut biscuits. If you have a Time magazine with you and he or she & # 8230this is as good as it gets.
A good day.

The perfect breakfast is on the beach at Barcares. Where is Barcares? It is a small resort in the south of France. Now it would be hot, only good to go out on the terrace overlooking the empty beach. My husband would go to the artisan to get me a whole spike-shaped, hot wand. I already made the coffee and poured the orange juice into glasses. Both: wholemeal baguette with butter, coffee, orange juice. Then I shake his shirt from the crumbs of croissant on the snow, on the road: D.

A delicious breakfast that I keep thinking about and swallowing dry every time & # 8211 a mini ciabatta & # 8211 half greased with pesto, mozzarella and cherry tomatoes and half greased with butter and jam. Then a generous glass of Sicilian red orange juice & # 8211 fresh. Super yummy!

The perfect breakfast is the one prepared by you, so that we can have a good breakfast. It starts with a huge cup of dried fruit tea, and is accompanied by thick honey and dense honey. After the first mouthful of tea, there would be a huge brioche with blueberries or pears, which would have a topping based on delicious butter and nutritious butter, al & # 259 # 259turi de una improviza & # 539ie de Croque Madame, adic & # 259 nur un boiled egg, t & # 259iat slices, cu ni & # 537teele z & # 539ele zglobii de & # 537unc & # 259 supra & # 259 :) Dac & # 259 tot e s & # 539 259 be perfect, a & # 537 add & # 259uga & # 537i 1-2 mandarins at a short distance & # 259 & # 539 & # 259 why I already said, that & # 259 is still the season & # 259sta fain! :)

For me it happened when a perfect breakfast was the one in bed and when I didn't have to move a finger & # 8230 not because it happened often, but that was the perfect breakfast, to wake me up to the smell of coffee, to have a plate full of fruits and cereals or oatmeal yogurt & # 8230I changed the sheet and this morning start with me running to the kitchen, making some pancakes. A shake with citrus, I pour maple syrup over the pancakes and run to serve my small flames. And then I sit down and look at them. I don't need any more breakfast, I just have to sip them. I am happy that they are happy, they eat with such pleasure that I fill my heart with joy. Their reward is so sweet, it doesn't matter that they put their sticky fingers over my face, the kisses received from them assure me that I did something good .

For me, nothing compares to an omelette with bacon / bacon, a little salted cheese on the side and next to a salad of tomatoes and garden radishes as you can only find in my grandmother. And for all these tastes, you have a strong black coffee as a child!

Thanks for the buttercream frosting. We've been looking for something like this for muffins for a long time. And all the respect for the blog where I found delicious recipes, but I rarely commented. But & # 8230 I can't help but notice, with few exceptions, how complicated the perfect breakfast ideas are for some & # 8230 I mean, really expensive and complicated :) For me, the best breakfast remains toasted black bread with butter and tea with honey and rum essence. the classics are way better than shrimps, salmon, bacon, etc. My tiny opinion.

If it's a dream breakfast (or in a dream), I can tell you about it & # 8230 in real life breakfast, I wouldn't know what to say, because I always wake up too late, it was to write I'm late # 8221 & # 8211 combination between & # 8220late & # 8221 and & # 8220wake & # 8221 :)) so to my shame in real life I almost always skip breakfast. But if we talk about a dream breakfast, this-most-important-meal-of-the-day would be perfect with butter cream muffins, of course: D possibly bread with butter and honey, in memory of the school days. Coffee and orange juice are not to be missed, maybe even a vanilla frappe. Simple and minimalist, I say, easy to eat and drink in bed, don't feel bad when you roll on the other side to sleep & # 8220just a minute & # 8221 :))

COFFEE, orange juice + lemon, kefir, in Customs (for the special prize)

Toast with butter and black cherry jam and cocoa with milk. Bread and jam made by me.

For me, the dream breakfast is the one prepared by my husband, he enters the kitchen, measures 2 cups of milk, a large one received as a gift from me and a small one with polka dots for me, in a cup he prepares a teaspoon of cocoa and 2 of sugar and 2 of milk mix them and only then put them over the boiling milk. Meanwhile, take the butter out of the fridge and ask me, "baby, how many slices of bread do you want" and spread half a slice of bread on the table, grease them all with tactical butter and then with the jam. It's been my dream breakfast with the same unchanged recipe (the same method of preparation, the same question) for 6 years.

Btw, wow for your pictures & butter cutter

homemade chocolate with hazelnuts and muuuuuuuult butter for breakfast because in the evening it's too dangerous to open the casserole!
I think he wrote the best breakfast, not the healthiest !!

The little dejum for me is always on the run & I wake up and in the kitchen my husband is waiting for me with a big coffee. I sip a few mouthfuls and start preparing Miruna's breakfast with milk, or yogurt with a little bread and butter. Daily. But my dream breakfast happens a maximum of 2 times a year, when I am at home with my family. Then I wake up even more in the morning, around 6, because the smell of fresh coffee at the kettle tempts me. He's my grandfather. He is 82 years old. He is waiting for me quietly with his coffee. I run fast and we are both serene and calm at breakfast. We each smoked a cigarette and a cup of coffee. He's black, I'm a little sugar. And I like to hear him puff on his cigarette. Only that! Then & # 8230 we make toast with butter, we also heat the milk because slowly the others appear & # 8230.

The perfect breakfast starts with the smell of coffee (of others, I just smell it). Continue with a colorful and flavorful omelette, with extra cheese, a slice of toast with butter (best comfort food ever) and a strong hot green tea. At the end, another slice of toast with apricot jam (made by my father :)).

What does dream breakfast look like in my vision?

I open my eyes slightly and the sun's rays caress my forehead. I laze in bed for a few minutes thinking about the day that begins in force.
Mmmm, I need something to give me the strength to resist.
I didn't even finish thinking about the smell of fresh croissants. & # 8220It must be from the neighbors, I thought! & # 8221 But the lingering smell didn't give me peace. a coffee from the jukebox, an almost cold donut, brrrr!
I enter the kitchen and I can't believe my eyes: On the coffee table beautifully arranged on a tray a glass of warm milk, hot croissants, Lurpack butter, cookies and coffee. And wildflowers, gorgeous.
I close my eyes thinking I was dreaming, I open them and breakfast was still there. I enjoy it to the last crumb, then I call my husband and thank him for the wonderful, unexpected surprise.
What could you want more than that from a dream breakfast? Too bad we couldn't enjoy it together, it would have been the perfect breakfast!

The ideal breakfast: omelette with mozzarella and pancetta, a baguette fresh out of the oven with butter, cherry jam and a glass of milk!

The dream breakfast means for me a warm and crunchy English muffin, with poached egg and fine and creamy Dutch sauce, with butter. If you find a slice of smoked salmon on top, it's only good. All this, a cup of coffee with milk and the prospect of a day I can spend on top of the bed, watching my favorite series would make me very happy.

A perfect breakfast, I don't even know when it was, I always skip it

The perfect taste for breakfast was when I enjoyed the & # 8220stopped off & # 8221. I am a big fan of hyper-ultra-caloric combinations, which is why in 3 months of diet and exercise I was not allowed bread with butter and jam. It is spectacular what happens to your taste buds when, after a period of & # 8220 abstinence & # 8221, you indulge in a slice of bread with butter and jam. Sunrise, coffee and much more go into the background, it's just you and your slice.

Well, there is breakfast and BREAKFAST. I don't know if there is an ideal, perfect or complete breakfast. There is the context and mood breakfast. And the Proustian breakfast :-). There is breakfast on Saturday / Sunday morning, in the parents' house, when a parental voice asks you: do you want a slice of toast? And because they know you far too well, you know that actually a slice of toast means like this: about 4 slices of homemade toast, greased with plenty of butter. On about two slices you have in principle jam / homemade jam. On one you have a slice of lunch / cheese + slices of boiled egg + salt, pepper, finely chopped parsley. And on the last probably sausage. Of course, with a boyar cup of coffee. This is what i call a SPOILED BREAKFAST. For the rest, there is a mastercard.

Dream breakfast? If I think about it, the ideal breakfast for me has the aroma of childhood. What this means? The shirt. Breakfast taken at my grandparents' house, at the table in the yard, in the fresh air and playful sunshine reflected in my hair. On the table a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with lots of parsley and onion, a little sour. The air smells of fresh vegetables picked from the garden, that's what makes it a dream. Today I rarely meet these scents. A plate of fresh cheese, a delicious egg omelette that only Grandma knew how to make and slice of delicious homemade bread. Yes, this is the breakfast I long for, aromas and feelings from times gone by. Today, as someone said above, there is a mastercard for everything. Let's get along, Nico.

My story has nothing to do with breakfast, just butter.
My 9-year-old daughter, whenever her father came from other lands, asked her for one thing, butter, from the plane, as she had eaten on a trip.
So great was my joy, when I found in our trade, the most delicious butter, the perfect pair of a crispy bread crust!

The ideal breakfast would consist of delicious croissants with butter, cherry jam and a glass of milk.
[email protected]

Unfortunately during the week I never get to eat breakfast as I should. In the good old days, however, he pampered me. How? I have the best rosehip jam made with a lot of love by my mother. (with rosehips picked by me and her directly from the country). So, I make myself a hot tea, I put it in my favorite cup, I prepare a couple of slices of toast with butter and I wait for it to melt only a little, after which I put the jam. I leave the bread with butter and jam (it's dessert!) And eventually eat some fruit or cheese.

You could say it's nothing special, but you haven't tasted the wonder of butter jam! nomnom

Unfortunately during the week I never get to eat breakfast as I should. In the good old days, however, he pampered me. How? I have the best rosehip jam made with a lot of love by my mother. (with rosehips picked by me and her directly from the country). So, I make myself a hot tea, I put it in my favorite cup, I prepare a couple of slices of toast with butter and I wait for it to melt only a little, after which I put the jam. I leave the bread with butter and jam (it's dessert!) And eventually eat some fruit or cheese.

You could say it's nothing special, but you haven't tasted the wonder of butter jam! nomnom

ups. Sorry. he had given me an error for the first time :)

p.s. I tried your networks and I've been following you for some time. I became a little cook: D to as many recipes with cakes as possible!

when I eat a slice of butter, I tell Romulus that this is the ideal meal for me: good bread and good butter. and he jokes kissing me on the forehead: it's the cheapest meal if you want it every day.
in the morning anything can be tasty, if you feel like it.

A perfect breakfast must be decorated on a sunny summer morning and the main actors: a cup of green tea with lemon, toasted rye bread with butter, orange and lemon juice, omelette with pumpkin, sheep cheese or brie , fried bacon and necessarily jam (berry).

perfect breakfast: you lazy you see him tormented by his talent to make you a big black coffee, as I know you like some warm croissants with some hot butter and 1 -2 teaspoons of raspberry jam over & # 8230 8230) & # 8230and if you haven't made enough mess in the kitchen, you can hope for a big fresh orange.

The perfect breakfast is from the beginning one to whose preparation I actually contribute. Otherwise, I can't enjoy it. A perfect breakfast should not lack, in my opinion, a perfect omelet. Now, obviously, here the variants diversify according to everyone's preferences. Personally, I would prepare an omelette of 3 eggs (MD for 2 pers), beaten well with a drop of milk, salt, pepper, parsley, grated cheese, tossed all in the pan after melting a piece of butter (or possibly I perplexed some pieces of bacon). When it's ready, I grate a little cow's milk over the omelette and sprinkle some parsley. To this omelet is added a plate on which I cut some cherry tomatoes (or native garden), cucumbers, radishes, olives. A cup of tea (green with spice orientation), freshly squeezed juice (from 3-4 oranges and a grapefruit = demented) and the indispensable box with butter + honey (or quince jam). The bread that accompanies this breakfast is, in my view, a multi-grain baguette cut obliquely, a multi-grain bun, necessarily fried. And if I woke up a little earlier and started making a tray with muffins (from yours with bananas and seeds & # 8211 successfully tested for breakfast & # 8211 or some simple ones with almonds) then clearly not we don't eat anything until 5-6 in the evening :)). For at least 2 people this is the perfect breakfast: for me and my boyfriend who, although he has also prepared breakfast several times, is the happiest when I agree with his proposal: & # 8220If you make the omelet, I'm preparing the rest. & # 8221 :) :)

Hi! I'm interested in the volume Best of GoodFood & ndash ready in 30 minutes and I can't find it anywhere. Is it exhausted? Thanks and sorry for the offtopic message.

The nicest breakfast is usually something simple for me, like toast with butter and quince jam and a simple and strong coffee, because we are not amateurs :). But I like to place my cutlery nicely, to place my food nicely as if I were my own guest, to have flowers on the table, to have good music and to make this tabby leisurely. That's exactly what I need to differentiate between a gloomy and a fabulous day.

My mornings are diverse, I don't always like to eat the same thing, but only one thing gives me satisfaction and tells me it's morning: coffee. Besides: toast toast, because I don't have a toaster after which I straighten with butter with cheese, tomatoes or cucumbers, and tea, or toast with butter and jam + lime tea, or sandwich with cheese or cheese all toast made + cocoa milk or berry tea. And the list goes on depending on how I wake up in the morning, if I feel like a sweet or salty snack.

I dare to dream in Venice, in a hotel room, with those tall windows, white and silky bedding and sweet music, a flower in my hair.

A breakfast in bed with grapes, brie cheese, butter croissants, blueberry jam, a coffee with rum for me and a lemon tea with honey, ginger and mint for him!

& # 8220All the wrong decision take you to the right places & # 8221 cica & # 8230 I don't want to elaborate on this topic, I'll just say that this summer the perfect breakfast was with a guy (bad boy, biker, tattooed, that & # 8221 8217s how i like them :)), milk and cocoa biscuits in bed, at 11-12. But then I thought that an internship would go to a foreign country, whose language I did not know. And so I arrived, for two months, without accommodation, only with my best friend with me and with a program that started at 7.30, among blond people with blue eyes. And because two girls with satin hair and brown eyes who start conversing with & # 8220excuse me, do you speak English? & # 8221 are an exotic thing, many good things have happened. Probably the best thing was that we managed to find a room and roommates. And from there everything took the most unexpected towers, for good, very good and above. Every time I think about it, I have the feeling that there is a super excited little girl in my head who, with tears in her eyes, remembers all the mornings when 6 students gathered around the kitchen table and drank coffee, each in his own way. , with milk, a lot of sugar or both.They eat omelettes and omelettes and sandwiches and sausages and fruit salad and yogurt and bread with butter and honey and bread with cream cheese and cornflakes, in fact everyone ate what cut his head and held his stomach. And meanwhile it was raining outside or on the contrary, the sun was beginning to shine. And while some mornings started around 6, others (weekends) only after 12, among overturned beer bottles or almost empty bottles of spirits and the rest of the night before. That's how two months passed, almost like a dream and it was never easier for me to get out of bed in the morning. Now, when it's December and at 5 pm it's almost dark, when sometimes I can hardly find the motivation to get out from under the bedding and start the day, I dream of those mornings. Those mornings that may have laid the foundations for friends beyond borders (thank god for skype) and beyond words. And now, on the last hundred meters of a 6-year college, among the exams, courses, license and atrocities of the boc government I would give almost anything for a breakfast like that because in the end it doesn't matter what you eat for breakfast as long as You eat it with friends, don't you?

Top 10 most expensive restaurants in Bucharest

It is said that if you really want to impress someone, you have to take them to an expensive, luxury restaurant. Therefore, if you want to do something like this, it is good to know exactly where to take the person you want to turn your back on. You can invite her to a luxury restaurant in the Capital & # 8211, a refined one, or one with an interwar or modernist flavor, or a simply elegant and sophisticated one. In order to have a choice and to orient you, here is a list of restaurants considered luxury in Bucharest (implicitly considered some of the most expensive restaurants in the city).

1. Casa Capsa

Located on Calea Victoriei no.36, it has always been the first on the list of the most luxurious restaurants in the Capital & # 8211 its history, creating its reputation. Casa Capsa is considered a symbol of refinement and a place that has kept its former bohemian air today. Since 1874, since it came into the possession of the Capsa family (in fact being the business of the brothers Anton and Vasile Capsa), it has gained more and more notoriety, becoming known not only in the country, but also in Europe. It was the first place in Bucharest where you could eat fondant candies, caramels and chocolate eggs brought from Vienna. And the first place to find out what fashion is like in the world of sweets and delicacies from abroad. It is easy to understand that at Casa Capsa you would meet only good people - politicians, "seamstresses" or businessmen.

In 1886, the Capsa brothers expanded the place, building the hotel of the same name and the famous cafe. Here they would "shoot" the great personalities of the time on their first visit to Bucharest. To celebrate the events properly, the Capsa brothers had formed a habit: in honor of the visit of a great personality, they created a new cake. This is how the joffrele (after the name of the French general Joffre) or the Theodorini candies (after that of the singer Elena Theodorini) were born. In the interwar period, Casa Capsa had become "the only intellectual place on Calea Victoriei", being frequented by many writers and artists.

After the communist period, the hotel was renovated and reopened to the tourist circuit in 2003, the owners keeping the original style, copied from the old photos. But even now, the place has remained loyal to politicians and businessmen, artists and in general to "able" people. The restaurant menu includes three menu options for dinner and three for lunch. You can try a mushroom cream for breakfast, followed by a roast deer with mushrooms and rice, or a vegetable and a turkey roll with baked apple and meringue. Any dinner taken at Casa Capsa starts with a cold snack, continues with a cream soup (vegetable, mushroom or asparagus) and a Wellington muscle with potatoes and rosemary or a Chateaubriand with straw potatoes and vegetables. The prices are high at Capsa: a meal for two, with a bottle of wine, quickly takes 5-600 lei out of your pocket.

2. Tears and Saints

Lacrimi si Sfinti is close to Manuc's Inn, and the name of the restaurant is undoubtedly related to the name of the one who created it # 8222creat & # 8221 & # 8211 Mircea Dinescu. It has two levels, a ground floor where the kitchen is visible, behind a glass wall, and which eats a lot of space, and the basement with several rooms, a real cellar, in fact, with brick walls, well arranged. The terrace is small, simply arranged.

The menu has Romanian cuisine, a mixture of traditional, peasant food, along with more boyar or other simply invented dishes, ad-hoc combinations of ingredients and ways of preparation that you do not see elsewhere. In terms of prices, a Republican Ciulama for example costs 26 lei, while a Plastou Port Cetate (includes handcrafted meats from creatures raised in the yard flavored with natural spices and smoked slowly with plum plum, pickled Maglavit cucumbers The house mustard with quince peel & # 8211 400 g reaches the amount of 56 lei.

3. Iconic Food Wine & Design

The restaurant is located a few minutes from the subway from Victoriei, on Aleea Alexandru 7 street, in a fancy villa. It is a fine restaurant, which fits into the classic patterns of elegance and refinement, where it is difficult to find missing or negative elements in terms of design. The restaurant bears the imprint of Camelia Sucu: each room of the villa is decorated in a special style, and the attention to the smallest details can be easily seen.

Iconic Food is recommended to be a showroom with objects signed by famous designers, with a kitchen with Esthetic Food specific and with a wine bar with collectible wines. So, in addition to the decor full of stylish furniture, vintage paintings (with celebrities like Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe), vases full of fresh roses, piano or original lighting fixtures, you will also see clothes or shoes that you can buy. Prices are, you guessed it, above average. The atmosphere is very relaxed and even if the place imposes a pretentious attitude, in reality it is quite familiar, you feel good and & # 8222that at home & # 8221 we add here including the fact that the kitchen can be visited. The feeling of & # 8222home & # 8221 is also given by the different design of the rooms, the comfortable sofas and the magazines placed on the tables. It is not smoked in the upstairs rooms, but only in the basement, in a room where the main attraction is the wine library. For example, here a duck breast & # 8222Maison Rougie & # 8221 costs 88 lei, and desserts all cost about 25 lei.

4. Joseph Restaurant

Also in the heart of the Capital is this modernist restaurant from all points of view. It is located on 8 Dr. Ion Cantacuzino Street. It is arranged in an old house in Bucharest, full of history and charm. The terrace of the Joseph restaurant was thought of as an oasis of peace, a wonderful corner of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Maybe luxury doesn't strike you in this restaurant - gourmet gastronomy has been thought along with the need for a comfortable space - but the dishes will definitely leave you speechless.

The menu is specially designed by the owner, Joseph Hadad, and contains what you can't even think of: cold snacks such as goose liver pate with marinated truffles and salmon sashimi or octopus carpaccio and duck salad with endive. Here you can taste Saint Jacques shells and lobster with risotto or lamb crown and beef fillets with duck liver, etc. Here, for example, a meal for two, with a bottle of good wine, takes almost 500 lei from the wallet. The food is considered among the best, if not the best in this category of international cuisine.

5. Casa Doina

The old "Buffet de la sosea" - as it was called in the 19th century - still retains the bohemian, elegant air of yesteryear, although it has been completely restored and renovated. The construction located on Pavel Dimitrievici Kiseleff Road no. , Dragasani and Aries. Although more than 120 years have passed over them, the inscriptions are still preserved today. The Sosea buffet - which became the favorite place of the Capital's boyars and their wives, who came here to drink a soft drink or for a soup - was transformed into the Casa Doina Restaurant in 2003.

Even if the old carriages do not pass on Kiseleff Road, the location still retains the charm and impeccable service of yesteryear. The menu is focused on traditional Romanian dishes, but that doesn't mean you can't order something from international cuisine. You can try, for example, shrimp tails with parmesan, ginger and chilli sauce or smoked salmon with iceberg lettuce and red onions, or chicken soup with homemade noodles is not to be discarded, or pan-fried beef with hot peppers, served with mashed potatoes. After such a boyar meal, there is a delicious dessert: a hot spring of chocolate in a fluffy crust, with vanilla ice cream. At a & # 8222History on a plate & # 8221 (as it is called a section of the menu) you can order Shepherd's Plate & # 8211 Sheep pastrami, inspired by shepherds, prepared with good will and passion, extinguished with red wine and accompanied of a hot-hot polenta (1 serving / 150/200 gr) & # 8211 46 lei, or Aburinda with cheese & # 8211 Pie from the Dobrogea tradition, with sheep's cheese and a drop of sour cream, good to divide in two (1 serving / for 2 people- 400 gr) & # 8211 48 lei, or Salaul casai & # 8211 Romanian sauerkraut grilled on the grill, with the final touch of ramoulade sauce, an amalgam of fine tastes (1 portion / 180/50 gr) & # 8211 59 lei.

6. Zexe Zahana

Zexe & # 8211 Strada Icoanei 80, is one of the best Romanian restaurants in Bucharest. It is said that when you feel like Romanian food made properly, the best option is Zexe. The menu here brings to the list some old recipes, the importance being the reintroduction in the nomenclature of some resistance pieces from the Romanian cuisine of the end of the 19th century, such as cancer, octopus, Mangalita pig and clapon.

Zexe follows the idea that Romanian cuisine must become dynamic and creative again. It is not a very expensive restaurant, and the menu covers a wide interesting traditional range: baked potatoes au gratin, sauerkraut in duck lard, Poarta Schei spinach, grilled mushrooms, hurried polenta from the mill from Magurele s.a. A smoked duck breast costs 25 lei here, a duck terrine with chives jam 26 lei, and whole foie gras with hot orange jam and incense jelly reaches the amount of 54 lei.

7. Odeon Palace

The palace is located in an architectural monument building, the only one left of the old buildings of the former administration of the old Slaughterhouse, dating from 1869. The construction of the Odeon Palace was made according to the plans of the great architect Alexis Godillot, handed over to the town hall in 1868.

100 years ago there was a tavern near the slaughterhouse, where you could find certain specific foods - the bone marrow bones and fuduli were delicacies of gourmet boyars. Now there is a restaurant here and the menu includes Romanian dishes, the interwar influences being found in the popular French dishes of that period.

La Copac is located somewhere behind the Carturesti de la Romana bookstore. It does not have the modern pub bar from the center of the Capital, but it has a touch of bohemian-gastronomic fad. La Copac means a large courtyard, in the middle of which is a large tree. La Copac is a bohemian terrace, briefly arranged, with simple furniture, unfinished planks.

The menu is large and varied here, including mushrooms with cheese sauce, pork with white sauce and mushrooms, chickens with foals, baked potatoes with pesto sauce, beets, pickles, etc. For example, pork dishes can exceed 25 lei, chicken dishes as well, desserts as well, and a tea can be here for 20 lei.

The scenario is interesting here: once inside the gate, the passer-by becomes Jupan and is treated, first of all, with a smile and a little waiting, just to catch his breath and start the journey of taste from La Copac.

9. Manuc's Inn

It is one of the oldest restaurants in Bucharest. The inn enjoyed a special fame in the first half of the 19th century and this is also due to Manuc Bei, the founder of the inn, who became a legend about which many things are said.

The menu is also traditional and can include mioritic plate with mutton pastrami, Plescoi sheep sausages, polenta and mutton chops, all dishes being very well cooked and very well seasoned. For example, there are also grilled dishes, of which we mention Mixed Grill Manuc (2 people) & # 8211 mititei, mutton pasrama, homemade sausages, boneless chicken breast, pork neck (560 gr & # 8211 49 lei

10. Hanu & # 8217 Brewers

Hanu 'Berarilor (Elena Lupescu House) occupies a very beautiful house, among other old houses, in the area with charm and personality of the city, an album house with history, as seen in pictures and as seen and on behalf of the restaurant.

Elena Lupescu House on Pache Protopopescu is a large aristocratic house. The menu here is a mixture between traditional Romanian, peasant and aristocratic cuisine and is described to be exactly as it should be for the type of target clientele, ie middle-class. For example, mutton skewers served with browned polenta cost 43 lei here, and a Mix Grill that involves mititei, fresh sausages, chicken breast, pork neck, veal antricot, french fries can reach the amount of 75 lei.

Video: Chef Boyar BigEarl (January 2022).